Fluffy Idli Dosa Batter !

Your Taste Buds Deserve Fluffy

Fluffy Idli Dosa batter is diligently handcrafted and traditionally prepared, using carefully selected, premium ingredients to bring you Idlis and Dosas that are tasty, healthy and completely natural.

Prepared with high quality, natural ingredients

Stone ground and hand crafted in small batches

Naturally fermented, unlike other brands

Free of preservatives and soda

Prepared in an exclusive, completely gluten free facility

Incredibly Fluffy

Wholesome Goodness

Authentic Flavor



While Idli and Dosa are often seen as fermented mixtures made from rice, urad dal, salt, and water, this perception oversimplifies the process. Fluffy recognizes a multitude of factors that influence the final product.

Ingredient Selection: We meticulously source quality ingredients to achieve optimal taste an flavor.

Soaking: Precise soaking time ensures optimal fermentation.

Art of Grinding: Traditional stone grinding techniques are employed to achieve proper consistency and texture.

Fermentation Expertise: We leverage natural fermentation processes, ensuring proper fermentation across diverse climatic conditions.

Meticulous Packaging & Storage: Our packaging and storage protocols safeguard the final product’s taste and texture.